WHAT DREAMS MAY COME | Jorgen & Pia Mensonides Achieve Black Diamond Rank With Success Factory – Dagcoin
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Jorgen & Pia Mensonides Achieve Black Diamond Rank With Success Factory – Dagcoin

Posted on Business For Home: Jorgen & Pia Mensonides Achieve Black Diamond Rank With Success Factory – Dagcoin

Jorgen and Pia Mensonides are a couple of networkers from the Netherlands, who are currently working with Success Factory – Dagcoin.

Both are members of the Success4All team, led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, they are also a particular example of the proverb “it’s never too late to do what you’re passionate about”.

Jorgen and Pia have worked hard and dedicated all their lives to traditional industries, have accumulated experience and, when it was time to retire, decided to try something new. The Mensonides fell in love with the network marketing industry and keep working in it without considering to stop doing what they do. They live modestly, just the way they were brought up, but their main objective has always been and will be to create abundance, and network marketing is a perfect tool to create that abundance.

“A matter of URGE is important as well. We were taught: concentrate on income producing activities,”

declares Jorgen.

“The right ingredients for success are half the way:

START (work hard & smart)
SKILLS (develop and improve your skills)
PASSION (always important in whatever you do).
Our urge is obvious because of our age of over 70. Pia and I have statistically more past than future. You can make money, but you cannot make time. Time is limited, and often, there is less than (young) individuals think. Time is limited as lifetime is. Even young people should have that urge. Don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate, START doing it now.

You should never postpone anything, much less, earning money. We don’t live thinking “today is today and tomorrow will be another day”. You might not have that opportunity tomorrow.”

Even if they work urgently, they also point out patience as a great attribute. Working to create the desired results requires the time that cannot be created out of nothing. That is the biggest investment, especially, the investment that is made in the people you are going to work with. And that investment is greater with projects like those of Success Factory, due to the concepts of some of its products, such as Dagcoin.

“Not everybody starts this business now. The concept is still in an early phase. If everybody would say “yes”, it wouldn’t be an opportunity. Everybody will say “yes” when it is in the last phase of adaptation, when our mission is completed.

We expect that to happen in the coming years. But even after full adaptation, there will be more to develop. This is just the beginning, and the right time to start is now.”

With regard to why the Mensonides decided to join Success Factory, they comment that at the beginning, they didn’t have a clear goal, but they approached the project as curious users. It was Igor Alberts, an old friend of both and with whom they had met in previous projects, who told them about Success Factory and, especially at that time, about Dagcoin. But it was after the first event in Dubai that the Mensonides started to get an idea of ​​what they wanted to do.

“After that event, we wanted to work hard and help create the ecosystem and the community. It is not always easy, especially for Pia, who cannot travel as much as she would like because of a spinal injury that she suffered years ago and that still causes her a lot of pain. Pia cannot take a long plane ride, but even if she cannot travel, she works just as hard from home. She considers that this disadvantage is not an excuse for not being successful.

For every disadvantage you have, you also have skills that you can take advantage of, and we have gained skills and experience in other jobs and other industries.“

Their team is, literally, their family: they have three children who are already Diamonds in Success Factory. One son lives in Germany, another one lives in Belgium, and their daughter lives in the Netherlands. The family is also an important reason to continue with the work, according to Jorgen.

“Our motivation is the LEGACY. We want to leave a better world behind and a better financial situation not only for our children, but for our grandchildren in a family trust fund, in such a way that they would never have to depend on institutions, insurers or governments. That is our legacy.

But it is also something that we enjoy doing. We contribute, we are part of a whole that makes a difference. We feel blessed and privileged to have this opportunity. And very grateful to Igor and Andreea and also to Roald Mailly and Patricia Numan, who discovered this company, and also to the people who created it, because it’s not just a currency. There are many aspects of this company that are very inspiring. The engagement of the company in all levels is impressive. It makes the whole eco-system and community solid and homogeneous. We expect a lot of possible innovative products to come.”

On success in old age, Jorgen and Pia think that more people should dare and make good use of their valuable experience and knowledge gained after years of work. With 2018, in which many of their objectives have been met, both look into 2019 with optimism.

“With everything we have seen, learned and experienced, we have become stronger; we are more convinced and much more motivated.”

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  • Kemal murt

    Super proud.. an example couple.

    January 10, 2019

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