WHAT DREAMS MAY COME | A team based on admiration and respect.
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A team based on admiration and respect.

We are living in times of crisis, of hurries, of immediate results. We are surrounded by aggressive and viral marketing Of stress.

But yet the days of ego based business, of stepping on your partners, are gone. For Network Marketing this has been the reality for a long time, and other business are waking to this. And maybe we will go through some other crisis before the world acknowledges that one cannot fight against aggressiveness and stress with more aggressiveness and stress.

This is one of the things that make Network Marketing what it is. Many people have wrong ideas about it, they don’t see what most of us see because they haven’t lived it. But this industry is one where professional relationships are also very personal, based on trust, respect and mutual admiration.

It is true that not everybody abides to the same code and there is always someone who will end up by disappointing you at a persona level. But, in the end, this is an industry made of human beings, with their faults and virtues.

But in the end, we build this together, doing our best to make a better industry, friendlier, closer and more honest. So what is truly important is what we can bring to it.

You can create your own team based on admiration and respect following these simple guidelines:


Be true to yourself. And, above all, don’t be afraid to show what is good in you, and even, what is not so good. It’s all about making you life better, in your work, for your team, but you can’t be two-faced or pretend. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability and your humanity, you are who you are and you’ll give more freedom to others to show who they really are.


You have to earn the trust of others, learn how to trust others and, above all, start to trust yourself more. To earn the trust of others you have to start by leading by example with your actions and be coherent on your words. You have to do what you say it has to be done. It’s showing others what to expect from you and comply with this expectation that you yourself have set.


The attention you pay to others. This means really listening, not only understanding what is being said, but listening in a way that the other person knows that her idea, her story or her opinion are being taken into account. That you care about what they say, about how they feel about it. That you respect and trust them.

Respect and admiration

It’s about acknowledging what other people are able to do, acknowledge their efforts and admire their contributions to the team. Respect flows in two directions, from one person to the other and back, by the achievements of both and by how they both are able to be true to their ideas. By being  someone who can be relied on and for acting the right way. But beyond the achievements, respect is repaid when one is open to give it.

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