WHAT DREAMS MAY COME | What have I done wrong?
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What have I done wrong?

To be completely honest, understanding what you do wrong or what you do right when you start your career in network marketing is, to a large extent, a matter of trial and error.

There are guidebooks, special literature, trainings, lectures and a large pile of informational and educational material that can help you understand which is the best route to take or which are the best steps to take. And to understand it from the perspective that not everything applies exactly the same to each one.

And, of course, there is the duplication model of your upline, which is already an infallible system, tested and proven by many others before you.

But even so, there are many personal codes that each one has to discover and apply on themselves. Find that personal something, that key, that spark of its own.

And yet, then there are some things, common mistakes that many people end up sharing until they realize they were making a mistake.

So today’s advice is divided into two parts.

The first part is “beware of these mistakes.”

There are many chances that at some point you have made some of these or you are about to make them, for they are really common.

  • You have resigned to the fact that that someone won’t care about what you offer.

This is dangerous. Not only because you are missing the opportunity to create a valuable contact, but because you have pre-judged without having any information. Even if you already feel a NO, go for that NO, confirm it and argue with it. You may be surprised. In addition, over time you will learn not to be carried away by first impressions or appearances.

  • You accept the first NO and you stop insisting.

Sometimes those NOs become a YES if you offer them some more information. Without being overly insistent, try to talk to that person again, with more information or after having learned a little more and gotten more prepared. Many of them end up being a YES.

  • You have exaggerated the opportunity or the product.

This is bad for you, your peers, the company, and the person who you have over-explained it to. It’s bad for everyone. It is not true and you create mistrust. And, in addition, exaggerating only creates expectations that cannot be met.

  • You didn’t listen to people.

You let your desire to sell get in the way. You don’t create good connections, and the people that talk to you think that you don’t care if the product or business benefits them, you just want to sell. Do things more personally and take time to listen to people, let this be about them and not about you.

If you observe these types of behaviour, you have to correct them immediately and you will notice how everything is much better.

And now comes the second part, “learn as much as you can”.

These are common mistakes, but there can be hundreds of mistakes that can be made, small and big. Just like there will be hundreds of things you can do that will lead you to a breakthrough and a successful sales team, if you learn to apply them.

Practice, make mistakes, but learn to detect and correct them. Learn from your mentor, learn from books, and learn from fieldwork.

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