WHAT DREAMS MAY COME | Security is no longer secure.
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Security is no longer secure.

Times change and with time, the rules also change, so to speak. What changes are the ways people do things, which is to be expected from the future, and one should be prepared.

So, when you were little, your parents would tell you that you had to study hard to get good grades, get a degree and so you could be part of a big company or an important organization. Be someone, have a safe job.


That was the main goal, and the whole life was built around that: you sacrificed yourself and you worked for that security, that chain tied to the ankle for the rest of your life, until retirement. For that safety.

And what happened? That security went down the drain.

Many who had studied hard over the last few decades saw that there was no room for them in the companies they wanted to work in, or that the company went bankrupt and the whole sector fires more than hires. They saw that they had to survive at other jobs where, on top of all, they could even get unemployed if they were too educated for the job. How could it be that being VERY educated was a problem?

Times change, it’s evolution … but crises like those we have lived in less than 20 years not only change, but destroy everything and force us to evolve as a way of survival. We already know that there is no security, but many people still hold on to the same conventions, to the same mantra: “study to find a safe job.”

Well, I’m going to tell you, things are like this:

  • Nothing is secure.

There is nothing in this life that is completely safe and secure. It’s better for you to be open to change and not to have a strict life plan, because it’s very likely you will have to improvise something throughout your life.

  • Being responsible for your economy and your future is more secure than what we thought was secure.

After all, when you do the whole routine of studying, degree, stable employment… you are preparing to depend the rest of your life on the stability of a company that depends on the stability of the markets or the stability of the economy of the country. It means to leave all your plans in the hands of others. That’s really risky today.

When you take responsibility for controlling your career, your future, your income, and you are aware that there is no certainty, it is when you act, it is when you get prepared, educated, beyond what you learned at school. It is when you are able to create prosperity for yourself and for your family…

  • Formal education is not the same as actual preparation.

We often say that someone is very prepared when they have university studies. The truth is that that person is prepared for something in particular, but is not really prepared for life. If something goes out of this plan, if you cannot get that position you were looking for, you have to re-prepare for another situation. That doesn’t mean that studies have no value, they are valuable, but you must add more self-education to know how to face something else apart from that job you were looking for.

  • Entrepreneurship is also preparation.

Whether you plan to set up a business or not, get prepared as if you have to do it. Having an open mind and being ready is what will really give you the tools to be prepared for any situation. Nothing should interfere with your dreams, but if a crisis or a new industrial change spoils them, you need to have a plan B on your own.

  • When nothing is secure, anything is possible.

Once you open your mind and stop holding on to that archaic idea, you will be much more capable of seeing the possibilities, to explore, to experiment and, in that way, to find the lifestyle or work that you didn’t know you were searching.

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