WHAT DREAMS MAY COME | Your success your way. Avoid comparisons.
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Your success your way. Avoid comparisons.

It’s hard to leave aside those stories about that person in your team that has achieved something so epic in a matter of a few months. The one who knew nothing about the business at the beginning and flew up as high and as fast as a space rocket.

Okay, those things happen. But you should always remember that it happens because that person found their way quickly and clearly, found their approach and the circumstances were very favourable. It was one of those things that happen sometimes and are celebrated because of their special nature, not because it’s normal and an example to follow.

And I tell you this because it’s necessary to make it clear that you cannot expect anyone to achieve incredible results and get a high rank in a short time. We don’t expect that from anyone. What we do want and strive to do is that you have results as soon as possible, because while you work on your development and your business, life goes on and the bills won’t stop piling up. We understand that there are expenses that have to be covered as soon as possible to continue upward free of distractions.

But you can never promote such stories as a way to make others aspire to do the same. People like making comparisons. “Why he DID manage to do it and I, who is trying so hard, cannot?” Then you start to think that you are not as good at this as you thought, or worse, that you will never be good enough. You don’t have the talent.

And that’s how racing runs down.

Success achieved with time, stories of perseverance speaking of those who have been in the business for ten years or more, but NOW found the right path with the right people, those who spent two years to find their strength, and when they discovered it, they took advantage of it and now they are at the top… These are testimonies that show real, achievable, happy success… Success stories that show that each person can do it, but some have to find their own rhythm, their own style and do it in their own way. Those are the stories we should tell more often.

You are no different from others if you don’t achieve your goals the way you think is expected of you. You are “unique, just like everyone else.” I mean, each of us has their own way and adapts to their own circumstances and finds the right moment. And it’s not better or worse, it’s simply yours.

As a networker, remember that you cannot be anyone else, and no one else can be you. As you maintain the vision, focus and are growing each day, striving every day, you are on the right path to your success. Don’t despair or be impatient, it’s there and it will come.

As a leader: Remember that your team has as many ways to succeed as people who make it up. Don’t ask for the exact same pattern for everyone. This is a business where you don’t have to be another to fit in. Don’t discourage them by asking quick progress for everyone equally, and remember that most of the success stories in this industry belong to people who have been rising with patience, time and didn’t come down with failures or negative situations.

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