WHAT DREAMS MAY COME | Why inviting experienced networkers is a good idea?
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Why inviting experienced networkers is a good idea?

Any network marketing expert will be more than happy to coach and train people who are inexperienced. This is something that cannot be denied. It’s exciting to challenge them, and it’s a very special pride that you feel when you see that someone who a year ago didn’t know anything about the business is creating their own team, generating significant profits and becoming a personality that the next generations of networkers can trust.

But there is also something very positive in inviting experts of the industry to your business. Maybe, not those with decades’ experience, but those who are already familiar with the business. It’s not only that they already know how it works, but they are people who can bring an extra boost to the team.

It’s a person who is working or has worked in network marketing, and you don’t have to convince them that the system works, they know it works! They believe in their possibilities, their talents and the benefits of this type of business. So when this person joins your team, there is also an extra ration of trust, positivity and focus.

It’s a person who also knows other people who are looking forward to working with them, whatever the opportunity is. This means that they are able to develop the team and make it grow with people who are enthusiastic about the team.

If you know people like this and want them on your team, don’t hesitate to invite them to your organization. Maybe, they are happy where they are and they say “no”, maybe they say “yes”, who knows. What you do know is that they are the ideal people to create a wonderful environment in your team, to create a solid movement, to make their years of experience part of the shared knowledge of your team. The experience of all its members adds up, the belief in the industry and all its members adds up. The strength, the desire to win, the energy to get up each morning knowing that you are on the right track, all that adds up.

Train people who want to learn, but also attract those who already know how it works. Between one and the other, you will see yourself making the most powerful and wonderful family on this planet.

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