WHAT DREAMS MAY COME | The Real Value Of Work
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The Real Value Of Work

Network marketing is a job, yes. It’s a job we do and we like it, since it’s a job we have chosen above everything we have been doing before and it’s a job doing which we can fulfill other personal and vocational projects that we have dreamt about but haven’t been able to carry out.

Each person is different in their perception of their networking and what they expect in the future. But we all love to work in Network Marketing. And we all work.

I stress the word “work”. It’s because I want emphasize that, like in any other profession, it requires effort, determination, perseverance, dedication … there is no Networker who is making a single euro without having spent hours and hours of their time, left their comfort zones, learnt new materials and new concepts, acquired new skills and made them part of themselves.

There is no smooth and flat way to success, no way without potholes and slopes. There is no lift to the top. You must climb using your hands and feet, do your best, learn to manage your forces and not stop until you get where you want to be.

Good things always have their price. If you want an Olympic medal you have to train a lot. If you want to be a great guitarist you should bleed your fingers first. And if you want to have a successful future, a long term future of financial freedom … then you have to work hard today, be the best Networker you’ll meet tomorrow, be a better Networker you’ve ever met …

It’s also true that it’s a nice job and, taking into consideration our social, collaborative side, the desire to engage with the company, with customers as well as with our peers … it’s rather a light job than a repetitive, intensive or exploitative one as many jobs in traditional industry are. And unlike those jobs, here you’re given credit for your effort … Your effort pays off, and everything you achieve is directly proportional to how hard you try.

The work itself is as important as giving it the right value. The real value, not just the statistical one. The value we give to relationships, our families, what we love and what we are passionate about. This kind of value. A value that is passion for life to its potential.

If you don’t give value to the work you do, if the effort is not but unnecessary pain for you then let me tell you’re doomed to a sad life that you know will give you many more problems than you are prepared to take up. If you give value to work, if you are a perseverant, dedicated person, if you are a restless soul who always wants to achieve more, learn more, discover more … so you do have many good things ahead.

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